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Some days are better than others

So being 8 months pregnant, working from/in home, unschooling the littles and trying to "be the light" is hard. And the fact that CT is s f*ckin snow globe (there has been 8 inches of snow on the ground for weeks) makes it even harder because we're pretty much indoors all the time now, and we get restless.

Recently I've found myself feeling kinda guilty for not having the energy needed to really fully engage with Lyss and Chapo (and Lion too). But I make do, and I get creative.

I bug ---ahem --- I mean, I remind Lyss to practice her bass guitar every day. Some days it's a chore, and then other days she's really into it. But I see her getting better as the days go by. Her learning is nothing like traditional school anymore. Lots of times, I just let her be and watch to see where she takes it (usually, she takes it straight to TikTok, but sometimes she surprises me). And then other times, I have her zero in on a specific topic.

With Chapo it's a lot more "hands on". The kid is an endless source of loud and mobile energy. He does understand that I'm pregnant though, and so he accepts my physical limitations. And when I need to rest he begrudgingly allows me a moment. But I feel especially guilty with him because his mind is so wide open now, and I feel like I should be feeding him whatever he needs to satisfy his daily curiosities. But I'm tired! So this is what we get these days...

That's as good as it's gonna get until I'm back to fighting weight.

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