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So This is What Basquiat's Mom Felt Like

A book from Chapo and Amore's library

What happens when you let a kid create without interruption or direction?

They end up with full confidence in their mastery of whatever it is that they’re working on.

And that looks a little something like this:

(excuse the sound of my baby carrier tumbling in the nearby, y'know?)

Chapo is a wild artist. He loves to make/design/destroy/repurpose/build/invent.

He makes something different nearly every day and hardly ever does he ask for direction or suggestions. He usually knows exactly what he wants to bring to life and only needs the space and tools to do so.

His artistry probably isn't what you're imagining in your adult mind though. It's 4 year old artistry. It's finding a bedspread has been accidentally cut, several buckets full of paper scraps, leaves and twigs, crayon marks on your coffee table and tape all over everything.

Yeah. Fun times.

So when he wants to paint he’ll come to me and ask if I can “set him up”. I oblige and get him his supplies, open the lids to all the paints and I walk away.

When he’s done, he proudly reveals his work to the whole family. I am always super impressed with his paintings because they’re always the total opposite of anything I could ever paint myself.

But beyond that, they offer a glimpse into his beautiful mind and creative process…both are free and unharnessed.

Just the way it should be.

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