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Puerto Rico, The Most Beautiful Place On Earth

Yes, I've been to many beautiful places. But none come close to the natural beauty of La Isla Del Encanto.

For what the island lacks in size, it most certainly makes up for in diversity. Diversity among her people, wildlife, plant life, landscape, and vibe. But what I love most about PR is that everywhere you go, you have a soundtrack. Music permeates the air wherever there are people. And where there are no people, you are treated to the sound of crashing waves or singing coquis.

We lived in Puerto Rico from mid-January until the end of March. We stayed on the West side of the island, in a small town called Combate in Cabo Rojo. We were walking distance to a pristine beach with warm, calm waters. It was literal perfection. When we weren't at the beach, we were in the pool that was right outside our back door. Man, how I miss being there.

The time moved so slowly there. Every day was a chill day. And now that we're back to life in Jacksonville, I'm really missing those island vibes.

We did quite a bit during our time there.

  • We took a boat out to and swam in La Parguera Bio Bay (and got a flat tire on the way there that we had to change on the side of a desolate, dark road, but we carried on.) Zion was the most adventurous; jumping right into the water in total darkness with an adult-sized life vest on.

  • We went on hikes and swam in natural pools. Most of which required harrowing drives up and down mountains. We saw some waterfalls and stood on cliffs overlooking the best beaches.

  • We spent some time in Guayama (the town from which my maternal family descends), spending an afternoon at the Casa Cautiño museum

  • For my birthday, we went to Centro Ceremonial Indígena de Tibes near Ponce, to learn more about the Tainos and other groups indigenous to the island before the Tainos

  • We celebrated Lyssa's birthday with a cute cake and a looooong walk to a banging little Mexican restaurant

  • Nonna came to visit for a week and that was lovely. We went to the Rincon Art Walk with her, which was touristy and not at all recommended

And of course, we went to Loiza and San Juan. We actually spent our last day in El Yunque and Old San Juan. The cherry on top was dinner at Orozco's Restaurant. When Zack and I visited PR in 2015, it was a little hole in the wall spot with the best food. Then Guy Fieri went there and it became a tourist spot. The food wasn't as great as we remembered it, but it was still good.

Look at some photos and then go book a trip.

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