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Phase 3: Turkey

We entered Phase 3 of our travel adventure about a month ago when we left Ireland and flew to Turkey. It was an easy and direct flight (go figure), though we were about an hour and a half behind schedule due to a flight delay.

The baggage conveyor in Antalya airport had a bunch of these cool shark heads

Exiting the airport at about 9 pm, we were immediately smacked in the face with the hottest, most humid air I have ever breathed (and that says a lot because we live in FL). The people at the car rental spot were kind and helpful, playing luggage Tetris in the heat for a good minute in an attempt to get all of our stuff to fit in the Volkswagon we rented. After all of our bags and bodies were loaded in the car, the guy says to Zack: "Oh, there's no gas. But there's a station when you exit the airport".

And thus began our first super-stressful ordeal in Turkey. We googled mapped and drove to about 3 gas stations that didn't exist. I prayed and prayed and prayed that we wouldn't be left stranded on E, and thankfully we were able to find a gas station before my worries materialized. After that, things got a little easier. We found a spot to eat at that had really good food (Chef O's in Antalya...yum) and a market right next door to it where we picked up some fruit and water for the next morning. Then we drove 2 hours away to Alanya; the city where we are currently staying.

Fast forward. Fast forward.

Alanya is a super touristy town on the Southern coast of Turkey. People from all over Russia and Europe come here on holiday and the city really caters to that. The coast is lined with clothing stores, restaurants and beach clubs all offering hookah, freebies to get you in, and a steady soundtrack of what Alyssa calls "tourist music" (think...American Top 40 Pop from 3-4 years ago). Aside from day-excursions, there really isn't much to do here besides eat, swim and shop.

The people in Antalya are always surprised to learn that we are from America, as not many Americans visit here. When I tell someone here that I'm from NY, I usually get 1 of these 2 follow up questions:

1) How long is the flight?

2) Are you from NY originally???

It's funny. Everyone seems excited to see Americans.

One guy swore that Zion was Webster. Y'all remember Webster? Here he is in case you forgot...

Our home here is about a 10-15 minute walk from the beach. It's in a building that has a pool and gym (that I thank God every day for). The apartment itself is pretty perfect. It's quiet, big, bright and sunny, with 2 balconies, A/C, all major appliances and plenty of books, puzzles and toys for the kids. We spend most of our days hanging around and at the pool. Every now and then we go out to eat, but not often because there aren't many vegan options for the Littles (most of the dishes here are meat or cheese based).

We do, however, go out for baklava VERY often. The baklava here is SO good; 300 times better than any baklava that you've ever had anywhere in the states, I guarantee.

The best spot for Baklava: Keskin Pastanesi

Since being here in Alanya, we've done a couple of cool things and celebrated Zack's 40th and Zion's 6th birthday.

Here's a peek at some of that.

(Cable car ride up the mountain and some time at the beach)

(Zack's and Zion's Birthday)

We've got about 2 weeks left here before "Airplane Day"(as Amore calls it) when make our way over to Cappadocia. If it doesn't rain between now and then, then we will have spent 6 weeks here without one single drop of rain. Isn't that crazy??? No rain at all and yet there are fruit trees growing everywhere. How does that work?

Anyway y'all. Thanks for following along. Check back in a little bit for more.

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