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In The Spirit of Generosity

The local farm where we often take Chapo for “farm school” classes recently created a fundraising campaign. They’re looking for help to purchase the land on which they operate and they have a sizable goal with a relatively small amount of time to meet it.

I told Chapo about this and then asked him…”do you maybe want to donate some of the money from your donation bank to the farm?”

He thought about it briefly and gave me a short “yeah”, but with an incredulous tone. More like “of course, duh” (but he’s 4 and still in love with Mama so he would never say it that way).

Then I asked him…”how much do you want to donate? However much you decide to give… Papa and I will give the same amount”.

Without hesitation he said “All of it”.

And so, we counted up the money and found that he had $60.67. He used the calculator on my phone to figure out what double that amount was, and we rounded up for a total donation of $122.

I showed him how to make the donation on Gofundme and he was excited to type in all the debit card numbers and billing info.

When it was all said and done he felt quite proud of himself and was blushing super hard when I read him the thank you response from the farm.

So that’s the story. Here’s the backstory:

Each kid has 3 bank accounts that they control: Savings, Investing and Donations.

The littles have these (the one that says "spend" is used for investing, because they leave all the spending to Mama and Papa):

And Lyss, of course, is a big girl with big girl assets so she’s obviously outgrown the piggy banks. Actually, she’s had savings/checking accounts that she’s been in charge of since the day she turned 13.

Whenever they get money (holidays/gifts/chores/etc), Lion and I take 75% of it and invest it on their behalf (Lyss does her own allocating cuz she’s grown or whatever. But I am proud to say I’ve taught her well). Each of the 3 have a portfolio of stocks, precious metals, and now we’re working on real estate for them. Don’t ask me about crypto because I still struggle with my gut telling me it’s the devil.


These investments are long term and we only add to them. We never tap into them.

The other 25% is theirs. They decide (well, Chapo decides because Amore would prefer to just rip the dollars) how they want to divvy up the money between their 3 banks. And, when they have a need for funds, they go into their bank and get what they need.

And that, my friends, of how we teach our littles about how to approach money. It's hard explaining the idea of investing to Chapo though (and even harder trying to explain it to Amore...ha ha, I'm funny). So for now, that bank is just a stockpile of dollars. I'm excited to see what he'll eventually use it for though. What do you think it'll go towards? Any guesses?

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