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You see these feet? Aren't they the absolute cutest things ever?! I love baby feet. Moreover, I love dirty baby feet because they let me know that the children they're attached to have been running free and getting grounded; connecting deeply to our earth.

We encourage our little birds to touch the earth as much as possible, every day. Sometimes that looks like planting/taking care of the garden with Papa. Other times it's a day at the beach, or maybe even just a walk around the neighborhood; stopping to examine flowers and mulch and such. But most recently, it's time spent in the backyard. We just take off our shoes, go outside and move in the sunlight, warm air and cool ground.

(How fortunate we are to be able to do this in November. When we were up North, the thought of being outside during this time of year was so off-putting. Although, I must say that Lyss and Zion did enjoy going out barefoot in the snow.)

But here in the sunshine state, being outside is a much easier experience for which I am immensely grateful.

Little Amore is a wild thing. She loves all of nature and immerses herself fully and without hesitation. She will walk barefoot anywhere, she'll pick up and examine anything that she finds on the ground, and she won't flinch when she's got bugs crawling on her or lizards curiously close to her.

Zion takes a little time to warm up to being barefoot on soil, but he's easily comfortable on grass and is his happiest self at the beach; on the sand and in the water.

Alyssa...well, y'all know she's my house cat. She was raised in NYC so her connection to nature was disrupted early on. But she's working on it. Soon enough we'll be living right at the ocean, and I'm confident that she'll grow to appreciate a healthy relationship with the elements.

As for Lion and me...well this morning as soon as we woke up we went outside and I watched him do his pushups --- hands and feet pressed into the ground. I can't even tell you how beautiful this man is in general. But in the morning light, with our kids happily exploring the garden, while I listen to the the birds in the trees overhead... he is a whole other kind of beautiful. A vibe that is so good for my spirit. "Inside Lion" is a 10. "Outside Lion" is off the charts and another reminder for me to fully appreciate the value of all that I have.

Some advice: Appreciate this beautiful life experience and stay GROUNDED while doing so.

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