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Arrivederci Italia, Hello Ireland

Updated: Aug 20, 2023

Here we are, halfway through our stay in Ireland, and I'm just now getting around to telling you all that we left Italy. Mi dispiace, forgive me.

But let me bring it back...

We left Diamante at the end of June. Our final week there was so...emotional. It literally felt like we were leaving home. We all developed an attachment to that town and leaving was...not something we wanted to do.

We spent our last week there going around and visiting with the friends we made, eating at our favorite spots and really soaking up the beach.

Actually leaving Italy was quite involved. We had to get a taxi to the train, and ride it 3 hours to Napoli, where we spent a night in a boutique hotel 2 blocks away from the train station. The next day we caught a cab to the airport, and so began the worst traveling experience of my life.

The Napoli airport is beyond hectic. So many people, so little space.

Soon after getting to the airport, I realized that booking with RyanAir was a big mistake. They charged us 255 euro to check in. Yes, there was a cost to check in at the airport. Yes, it totaled 255 euro.

I chalked it up to a learning experience and let it roll off my back. But then....once we finally made it through the horrendous boarding process (think...waiting for 30 minutes in a crowded stairway), we boarded the plane to find that the A/C would not work until the plane's engines were on. And my friends, the plane's engines didn't turn on for over an hour. So I spent that whole time, fanning both of the littles with my handy dandy folding fan, while trying to keep them oblivious to the fact that we were trapped in a slow burning torture chamber.

They did great. They sweated in silence and were just fine and unaware to all that was going on.

Once we got to Dublin, things got better. The weather was perfect and the airBNB that we had for 3 days wasn't totally terrible. We made the most of our time in Dublin (which, by the way, is just a lite version of NYC). Here are some photos of our time there.

After our time in Dublin, we took a short flight over to Kerry which was a much better experience. The total flight time was about 30 minutes. When we landed, it looked just like the Ireland that we all imagine in our and hilly with gray skies and cheery people. Our driver, Dave, who took us over an hour away to our final destination (Caherciveen) was great. He knew so much about the area and stopped a couple times to show us the most gorgeous landscapes. 10/10 I recommend Sage Taxi if you ever need a car service in Kerry.

Our place in Caherciveen is a cute, 3 story row house right in the center of town. We're walking distance to most things Caherciveen has to offer. Our home here has a lush private garden that the kids adore, which is just off the sitting room that has a glass ceiling and facade. It serves us well.

But overall, I must say that Ireland is a "probably never again" place for me. While it's absolutely beautiful (it really feels like you're in a dream here), the weather is just too much for me. I can't live without sunshine. I need it to feel alive. And there is almost none of it here. Every day is overcast and raining. But even so, I have been determined to make it the best experience possible.

Some highlights so far:

  • My in-laws came to visit for a week

  • Hiking

  • We found a ring fort nearby

  • Irish coffee!

  • Our first fishing trip

  • Seeing a beached whale

We have a few more days here and are planning one more adventure.

I'll fill you in on that next time!


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