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Hi! I'm Bird.

Some people know me as Alishia. Others know me as French Fry.

The cutest ones know me as Mama ;)

I'm a 38 year old Black Puerto Rican woman from Queens, NY (though we left the city in 2020, spent 2 years in CT and are now laying low in FL). I come from an "unconventional family" [code for dysfunctional and toxic] and had to overcome a lot in order to create the safe space in which I now live and raise my own family. I'm thorough and hardworking, and a quick/accurate judge of character. I love to travel more than anything. In general, I'm happy with simple things and am just here for the experience. 


I'm married to the greatest man I ever met. He's smart, gorgeous and calm and takes good care of me. His name is Zack but I call him Lion a lot. Our love story is the greatest of all time and would make the best Rom Com movie. I'm telling you, we are truly the stuff that romantic dreams are made of, but after becoming parents we get a lot less time to act it out. Still, he melts my heart and gives me goosebumps at the same time, all the time.

I'm also the mother of 3.

Alyssa Jade is my oldest; my 19 year old girl. She's the OG/my life partner. I was 19 when she was born and I don't know what life is like without her. She's literally like the air in my lungs. Lyss is a lot of things, but she's mostly affectionate, silly, brave, adaptable, really into music, very emotional and a little too hard on herself sometimes. I believe in her so much though. I know with full conviction that she is going to live an extraordinarily great life.


Then there's Zion Leonardo, my baby boy. We call him Chapo. He's 6 and so very attached to me (and I, to him). He's super smart and strong-willed, but he's also sweet, funny and caring too. He's always been showered with attention from all of us and it shows. (He's a Leo...need I say more?) He gets a kick out of making people laugh and is so generous with his love.​ He's got an engineer's mind and nurturing spirit.

Amore Luciana is my lovebug baby doll.  The cutest, gentlest, most amazing 2 year old of all time.  She's been acutely aware and "in-tune" since birth. She's a chill-mode child; never overbearing or clamoring for attention. She chills back and observes and just does everything in her own time (much like Lion). We joke that she never learns/practices anything, but somehow just wakes up one day innately knowing how to do things.

She is, as her name suggests, Love and Light.


I started this blog because I love to document special moments (and even ordinary moments) with my family. I share them and look back on them often.

So this is a place for that.


Another reason for this blog is to keep extended family and friends updated on what's going on in our life, and hopefully for them to also share what's going on in theirs. 

Lastly, I created this because oftentimes I feel like I wish I knew other people who were doing things "differently". Who think and live outside the box, like we do. Who reject what's commonplace in this Babylon system and lean inwards towards the spirit and the Creator. People who are on this earth to live and let live, while sharing their gifts and respecting and appreciating the gifts of others.  I don't know many people like that in "real life", so maybe/hopefully this blog can be a point of connection.

Thanks for being here.


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